why dont we take more action

Why Don’t We Take More Action

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Most of understand that our results are a direct reflection of our actions. If we plant the seeds of an apple, then at some point in the future, we are going to be picking apples from the tree in front of us. If we want cherries, then we needed to have planted cherry seeds instead. It makes no sense to plant apples then get upset when it turns out we actually wanted cherries in the end.

So if we know that our actions lead to our outcomes in a cause-effect relationship, then why don’t we take more action? And more importantly, why don’t we take more action in the specific direction of our goals? I mean, we are all busy all the time, so must be doing something, but it isn’t always helping us to achieve our goals and objectives in life.

I believe there are 6 main reasons why we are not taking the right levels of action, and why we are falling victim to what Aristotle called Akrasia; a weakness of will that causes us to be pulled away from what is right and in accordance with our purpose for a more immediate form of gratification. Read More

Talk On Fear

Be Extraordinary Talk On Fear

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I recently gave a talk on fear for Be Extraordinary Talks, a London-based personal development MeetUp group. The talk was on the general topic of fear and how to get over it, which isn’t the ‘nicest’ of topics, and so I decided to attempt to address the topic with a more lighthearted approach.

The title of the talk was “Modern Day Fears, Matt Damon & The Correct Use of 4-letter Words” and involved concepts from some of my other posts on Bravery and Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone, but also looked at historical elements of fear written about by Napoleon Hill in The Master Key To Riches.

Read More

33 ways live a better life

33 Ways To Live A Better Life Every Day

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Life is for living, and here are my top 33 ways to live a better life every day. How many will you experience today?


Great abs and happy wrinkles are two by-products of laughing lots. Laughter helps the body heal itself and makes you feel great. Plus it’s contagious. Just don’t watch every single video of pandas sneezing on the Internet.

Be Outdoors
There is something inspiring and healing about nature. Walk through the trees. Hike in the mountains. Splash through the waves as they lap at your feet. See the sunrise or watch it fall below the horizon.

Be Inspired
Paintings, music, incredible physical or mental feats, nature, art, simple acts of kindness. There are countless ways to be inspired, but all open our hearts to something bigger than ourselves.

Experience Love
Do something that makes your heart come alive and brings a tear to your eye. Allow someone to love you completely or return the favour. Hold someone. Show them how important they are in the world, even if it is just to you.

Make A Difference
Let’s face it, you’ll be gone one day, but your memory lives on in the lives you touch. How can you influence someone for the better? Teach. Donate. Create. Volunteer. Think beyond you for a moment. Read More

The root cause of all problems?

Could This Be The Root Cause Of All Problems In Life?

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Is it possible that the root cause of all problems in life could boil down to the same issue?

I’ve been exposed to a lot of people’s problems over the years, both in my coaching and training sessions as well as of my own creation, and lately I’ve been noticing something of a trend.

More and more of the problems seem to be caused by a lack of communication, not because the person doesn’t want to communicate, but because they are scared of how the other person will react to the communication.

When something goes unsaid in a relationship, whether that be interpersonal, business or friendship, a void opens up. Whilst initially this may appear small, if it is not addressed it will continue to grow, putting stress on the relationship and leaving the other party questioning why there is such an unspoken distance.

Take, for example, the case of the employee who wants to work remotely but is scared of losing his job if he challenges the status quo.

Or the wife burning with a sexual fantasy who doesn’t know how to tell her husband.

What about the girl who denies her crush because she doesn’t want to risk rejection? Read More

Muse Inspiration

What’s Your Muse?

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There have been a number of times in my life when I have been super productive, creative and just overflowing with energy, ideas and passion. I’m not just talking about being motivated, that general state of getting things done and celebrating a completed to-do list.

No, I’m talking about waking up in the middle of the night to write poetry, drawing visual masterpieces on every scrap of paper you can find and skipping everywhere because you just can’t wait to get there.

There are some funny reactions to finding a muse, and if I caught a glimpse of myself at any of those times, I probably would have checked myself for excessive medication or minor brain trauma.

But that’s what a muse does to you. It removes any blockages you may have restricting the flow of your creative energies into their desired forms. For me, my writing went from dredging out unremarkable blog posts to an endless river of poetry and prose that, in reading back over, even moved me… and I wrote it!

Then one day, my muse had gone. I sat down immediately to write, as if to squeeze the last drops of inspiration from my imagination, but even before I had finished the first line, I knew the magic had vanished. As quickly as it had arrived it left, leaving an emptiness echoing inside. I went back to meaningless tapping on the keyboard in front of me. Read More

Comfort Zone

Why Can’t I Step Outside My Comfort Zone?

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As I began writing this blog, I had a realisation of how much being a perfectionist has impacted my life over the years.

Being a perfectionist stops you starting things, meaningful projects that can have a positive impact on your life and others. You don’t start things if they aren’t going to be perfect. And if you don’t start, you can never create anything of any value. Being a perfectionist is the ultimate vicious circle.

I have to keep reminding myself of that fact.

So what does being a perfectionist have to do with getting outside of your comfort zone?

Perfectionists have three fears which are the barrier to any great project, and once you understand these fears and how they serve you, you can begin to break their hold over what you do and don’t do as a result. Read More

Lessons From The Gym

Life’s Success Lessons Learned In The Gym

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When I was younger, all I wanted to do was study the human body. I was a sports addict and wanted to discover how to push the boundaries of human physical performance. How could people keep breaking records in marathons, sprint events and weight lifting. My final degree mark reflected how I allocated my time between the library and the gym.

However, when I went back to study my masters a few years later, it was psychology, not physiology, which grabbed my attention. I started learning about mental techniques and success lessons that could create the same results in minutes as months of training in the gym could accomplish. All of a sudden, the mind-body connection that everyone talks about was very real. In fact, after studying the body for so long, understanding the brain was remarkably simple. In fact, there are so many crossovers between physical training and mental fitness that I found myself applying the success lessons from physiology directly onto the brain, and the behaviour was remarkably similar.

If you are an avid fitness enthusiast, gym junkie or running fool, you will already be aware of many of these mental success lessons already without even have given it any thought. That is why people involved in sport at an early age are often able to go on to be competitive in other fields after their sporting career is over.

Check out below the success lessons I learned about the mind by training in the gym. Read More

dan storey - impossible goals

Why You Should Set Impossible Goals

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Right now, you should be working on at least one impossible goal.

Whilst that advice might initially seem to lead to inevitable frustration and lifelong failure, if you think about it, all goals were at one time impossible.

Everything you take for granted in your life was at one time impossible. Walking, tying your shoe laces and riding a bicycle were once things you aspired to be able to do, but at the time felt so far away. However, through persistence, observation, coaching and cute little nursery rhymes (something about bunny rabbit ears??) you were eventually able to master these skills.

So why then, when we get older, do we decide not to take on impossible goals?

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Wearing A Mask

Why Being Whole Comes Before You Reach Your Goal

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How many masks do you wear? I don’t mean physically, but more of a metaphor. Maybe you wear a particular mask to work and when you get home, you change it to be someone else. What mask do you wear in your relationship, with your family and friends, with your boss?

We wear masks to hide what lies beneath, pretending to be something different to who we really are. We do this because we believe the people we encounter want to see something different than what we can offer, and so hiding behind a mask, we can play that part without risking the rejection of our own personal self.

When I was younger, it seemed as though I had a different mask for every occasion. When I went to work, I was confident, direct and patient. When I played sport I was decisive, arrogant and knew exactly what I wanted. When I was at home, I was quiet, relaxed, introspective. If you asked me which of those people was the real me, I would have struggled to tell you.

For some reason too, the results I was getting in my life were a bit disjointed too. I’d make some progress in one area but then become nonchalant and not follow through. I would be happy to take chances in certain areas of my life, but in others I was scared stiff. One of the biggest areas of my life it impacted was my personal relationship. At home I felt I had to be a loving and caring partner, but outside of that I wanted to be adventurous and spontaneous.

Wearing all of these different masks was literally pulling me apart! Read More

Aristotle Quote on Courage - Dan Storey

3 Types Of Courage

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Aristotle once said “You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor”.

We all know that we need courage to step up and make the most out of our lives, but what is courage? The dictionary defines courage as ‘the ability to do something that frightens one’, but surely there is more than one dimension of courage? Is the courage it takes to ride a roller coaster the same as it is to ask someone to dance? If you can jump out of an aircraft, can you also swim with sharks or speak in public?

If you look at the different actions in life that require an element of bravery and courage to overcome the fear associated to the task then you can effectively classify them into three different groups. These classifications are related to how much courage or more importantly, for how long, one needs to be successful.

Let’s look at the three types of courage below. Read More