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4 Ways To Give Your Self-Efficacy A Serious Boost

Boosting your self-efficacy is a simple, yet powerful way to improve the levels of success and happiness you experience in your life. Each of us has goals in life, but if we don’t believe in our ability to achieve them, then how are we ever going to be successful? In fact, according to the Theory of Planned Behaviour, if we boost our self-efficacy then it impacts both the goals we set for ourselves, as well as the amount of action we will take. If we have strong self-efficacy, we will aim higher with more ambitious goals as well as be more likely to follow through with the necessary goal-directed behaviours. However, with low levels of self-efficacy, we are likely not even to [...]

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What is Optimism?

What is Optimism? Let's say there is a glass of water in front of you that contains 50% water. Does the way you look at the glass as either half full or half empty determine whether you are an optimist, or is there something more to the concept of optimism than this classic example suggests? Optimism is a characteristic that is admired in people. Having a positive outlook on life, always finding a sliver lining and generally seeing the best in people. Who wouldn't choose those qualities on the menu of life? What is the opposite? Negativity? Pessimism? It seems optimism and pessimism are pitched together in an eternal battle like good versus evil. The pessimist points out how it is raining [...]

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Why Goal Setting Is Important In Sales Organisations?

Should salespeople set personal goals over and above their sales targets? I mean, targets are there for a reason, to motivate your sales team to perform and achieve the monetary incentives you have set for them. Many sales managers think this should be enough. So why do so many sales people miss their sales targets? And what does this have to do with organisations setting goals for sales people? When I ask sales people why the business has set them sales targets, and who they are for. The usual response I hear is “they are for the salesperson”, but this is WRONG. Sales targets are not for the person, they are for the shareholders. Businesses are required to plan and forecast revenue, [...]

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How To Create Your Personal Breakthrough

Did you wake up this morning hoping today will be the day for your personal breakthrough? Everyday we see breakthroughs happen. A new artificial intelligence technology making waves in the market, a new overnight success actress stars in a Hollywood blockbuster, an IPO that makes the founders of a business billions in a single day. “When will I get my personal breakthrough?” We often see others having breakthroughs and wonder when it will be our turn. After all, we deserve just as much success as those people. We are just as talented, or smart, or determined as those people in the headlines, so surely our personal breakthrough is just around the corner? The problem is that we do not see what happened [...]

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Productivity Hack – Audio Learning

I remember the moment a friend of me handed me my first audio training program. "Listen to this", he said. "I think you'll really like it!" He was right. This one audio program changed my entire approach to learning, reading and the way I consume content. The audio program my friend gave me was Personal Power II, by Tony Robbins. This audio training has been on sale for over 30 years now and has certainly impacted more lives than just my own. However, for me, it opened my eyes, and ears, to the idea of learning through another medium other than reading. At this point, getting audio learning content was not easy. Books had yet to begin the transformation into the audiobook, [...]

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Wheel of Life Exercise

The Wheel of Life exercise is a great way to focus your attention on the areas of life that could benefit from some development. If you are about to set some goals, doing a general life review or want to know some different aspects of life to explore, the Wheel of Life can help you gain more of an insight into how a more rounded life can look. What is the Wheel of Life? There are a number of different version of the wheel of life exercise, and I've included my version to this article (feel free to print it off or share it). This particular wheel of life has 14 sections to it, comprising a number of the main areas of [...]

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21 Top Productivity Hacks To Maximise Your Output And Drive Results

Productivity hacks are a great way to improve your personal output. Let's face it, when faced with the question would you rather work more or fewer hours each day, the answer is a simple one. In fact, success doesn't depend on how many hours we put in. Rather it is about what we put into those hours that counts. Peak productivity is a trademark of every success story ever told and productivity hacks to maximise your output are everywhere. Every day, a new app is created, a new nutritional supplement hits the shelf and a new self help book on time management appears on my Amazon suggestions (how does Amazon know?). However, with all these different options, how do we know which [...]

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De-Stress To Hit Your Goals

If you imagine someone completely focused on achieving their goals, what sort of picture comes to mind? For most of us, we imagine someone working hard, pushing their body and mind to the limits to fulfil their dreams, not stopping until they realise their full potential. Stress and goals just seems to be a necessary combination. However, that stress could be the very reason we are having to work so hard in the first place. Neuroscientists can now differentiate between behaviours that are goal-oriented or habitual as they are supported by anatomically different brain systems. Research shows that goal-directed behaviour is related to the prefrontal cortex, whereas habitual activities seem to be coordinated by the dorsolateral striatum. The reason the prefrontal cortex [...]

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Why Can’t I Step Outside My Comfort Zone?

As I began writing this blog, I had a realisation of how much being a perfectionist has impacted my life over the years. Being a perfectionist stops you starting things, meaningful projects that can have a positive impact on your life and others. You don’t start things if they aren’t going to be perfect. And if you don’t start, you can never create anything of any value. Being a perfectionist is the ultimate vicious circle. I have to keep reminding myself of that fact. So what does being a perfectionist have to do with getting outside of your comfort zone? Perfectionists have three fears which are the barrier to any great project, and once you understand these fears and how they serve [...]

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How To Know When It’s Finally Time To Quit

We have all been guilty of it. Staying in a job we hate, waking up each day in a loveless relationship or holding onto an investment waiting for it to swing. Eventually they come to an end, either through our own doing or as a result of external factors (getting fired, dumped or made bankrupt!), and when this happens and once the dust has settled, there is usually a sense of acceptance and calm that ensues. It is almost as if we know life is better now that those situations are not part of our lives but knowing the right time to quit is not easy to identify. So why don’t we quit these situations sooner? Why instead do we hang on [...]

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